VendorFuel is the most powerful
eCommerce toolkit for WordPress.

VendorFuel was forged from our years
of experience as a reseller.

See how our experience benefits you:

VendorFuel was forged from our years
of experience as a reseller.

See how our experience benefits you:

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VendorFuel is software that speaks for itself:

a completely sustainable approach to eCommerce.

An eCommerce solution for resellers didn’t exist, so we built it ourselves.

VendorFuel was born out of our need for an eCommerce software that would integrate seamlessly with our existing brand.

Our Story

VendorFuel is the most powerful enterprise eCommerce plugin for WordPress ever built.

VendorFuel’s scalability makes it the ideal choice for resellers of all sizes.

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VendorFuel delivers enterprise-level tools for a small-business price.

VendorFuel is built for speed and agility. It is light and powerful: ideal for mobile use yet able to execute large scale transactions.

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Best Platform for Resellers

Best Platform for Resellers

Do you buy from major wholesalers or manufacturers and resell their products to your customers? Vendorfuel has the ability to load hundreds of thousands of products, an advanced categorization-editing tool, integrations with major wholesalers to maintain accurate and current product data, punchout, integrations with major ERP programs, and multiple price sheets.

Enterprise Level Tools Small Business Price

Enterprise Level Tools, Small Business Price

We offer tools used by large businesses for a fraction of the cost. These include Punchout/Roundtrip, Multiple Price Sheets, Multi-Level Groups, Purchasing Approvals, Purchasing Limits, Identity Based Marketing (Template Blocks), CSV Upload and Download, and Back Office Integrations.

Target Marketing

Target Marketing

VendorFuel allows you to create customized messages that are only seen by designated groups. You can create customer promotions with banners or text, or a daily bulletin board message updating a designated customer group. Target Marketing lets you market differently to your different types of customers, all within the same site.


Brand Control

VendorFuel’s API allows you to integrate with any app or website. If you have a site or, more importantly, a brand to protect you can easily integrate the VendorFuel solution into what you already have. With our WordPress plugin, you can add enterprise-level eCommerce functionality to your existing or new WordPress site.


Unparalleled Technical Capabilities

VendorFuel has everything you need to create and maintain a successful online store. Take a look under the hood to see if it’s right for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our sales staff at (888) 484-4426.

100-percent mobile ready

100 Percent Mobile Ready

VendorFuel is mobile ready with a fast and sophisticated mobile search feature. Your customers can make purchases from any mobile device. VendorFuel works seamlessly with any responsive website design or theme.

Online business has never been so exciting.

eCommerce: Rebuilt, Reinvigorated.


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