VendorFuel: the most powerful
e-commerce toolkit for WordPress.

The most powerful e-commerce toolkit for WordPress.

VendorFuel is a completely new approach to e-commerce.

VendorFuel was built by developers who actually use the plugin. This means that the VendorFuel solution uniquely addresses relevant challenges to modern e-commerce.

Built by resellers

An e-commerce solution for resellers didn’t exist, so we built it ourselves. VendorFuel was born out of our need for an eCommerce software that would integrate seamlessly with our existing brand.

Incredibly versatile

VendorFuel is the most powerful enterprise eCommerce plugin for WordPress ever built. Not yet an enterprise level reseller? No problem, VendorFuel’s scalability makes it the ideal choice for resellers of all sizes.

Next generation

Built for speed and agility, VendorFuel is light and powerful: ideal for mobile use yet able to execute large scale transactions. VendorFuel delivers enterprise-level tools for a small-business price.

Why VendorFuel?

In today's online marketplace, it's no longer enough to compete solely on price and product selection. The only way to stand out is by delivering a world-class customer experience. VendorFuel drives this experience, allowing your business to thrive where other's struggle.


VendorFuel’s API enables seamless integration of our plugin into your WordPress site.

Theme Agnostic

VendorFuel is served using AngularJS, enabling it to work with any theme you choose.

Lightweight Plugin

The VendorFuel plugin is essentially a lightweight connector, which greatly reduces plugin conflict.

All inclusive

VendorFuel comes with all the tools required to run an e-commerce business, in one plugin.

Angular page builder

VendorFuel includes the powerful AngularJS page builder, AngulEdit.

No transaction fees

Keepmore of what you earn! VendorFuel is priced on a flat rate model.

Advanced reporting

VendorFuel delivers in depth business intelligence tools with a powerful, built in reporting tool.

Complete e-commerce toolkit

Product uploads, catalog, cart, customer login, order history, paypal and, approvers, taxes, shipping, and so much more!

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