Top 8 Content Marketing Tools & Resources

Top 8 Content Marketing Tools & Resources

By Ken Schnetz | September 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

Content Marketing tools are critical to developing world-class content.

High-quality content marketing tools can make or break your content creation efforts. Consequently, creating high-quality content leads to a positive ROI and the generation of solid leads. Furthermore, valuable content builds trust with your customer base which is critical to running a successful business. Of course high-quality content is the goal, but how to get there? Consider the following as several of the best free or inexpensive content generation tools on the market.

Top 8 Content Marketing Tools & Resources

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1. Sparkol

Engaging your audience is key with Content Marketing and Sparkol allows even amateurs to create stunning, quality whiteboard videos. These videos are a perfect medium for marketing your company, products, and services.

This tool is easy to use and comes with all the required assets. Hands, pens, tons of clip art, and so much more is just a click away. Furthermore, you completely own the video’s you create and can easily share them on social media from the program. Finally, while not free, this tool costs only $12 a month if paid annually, or $30 on a month to month basis.

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Short for “If This, Then That,” IFTTT is a simple, easy way to automate repetitive tasks. In other words, you can use IFTTT to make simple scripts, or recipes, that monitor for specific actions. When this defined action occurs, another service or action is triggered. For example, you could create an IFTTT recipe that monitors your blog. When you publish a new post, the recipe will trigger and share that post on Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever task you set it to. In brief, this tool can be used to automate many of the mundane tasks of digital marketing. The best part about this tool? It’s completely free.

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3. Google Keyword Planner

A simple tool to use, the Google keyword planner finds top ranking keywords for your content. You start by typing in the words or phrases relevant to your product. Then the tool finds the most relevant, matching keywords. You can also research keywords you may already have. This tool will show you how popular they are and even current bid estimates in case you want to use the keywords with Google Adwords.

Some of the other useful statistics are the monthly average searches, suggested bid amount, and the amount of competition you will face with that particular keyword. Fortunately, this tool is also completely free!

content marketing tools buzzsumo logo

4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a powerful tool for researching what kind of content is currently most popular. You enter a topic or website and this tool will show how many shares have occurred on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, total links and total shares. This information is incredibly useful in determining trending topics and forming content to match.

This tool is perfect for doing industry or market research, tracking competition, and assisting in the generation of high-quality content. The tool can be used a few times a day for free with limited results, or you can pay $100 a month for the premium version.

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5. Grammarly

Grammarly is an excellent tool if you create typed copy. As you type, Grammarly checks your text for potential writing improvements. The checks include common grammatical errors in addition to contextual spelling mistakes. This tool also checks for phonetic spelling mistakes and irregular verb conjugations. Furthermore, Grammarly takes the context of your writing into account and provides synonym suggestions to make your writing more readable and precise.

This is a great tool to make sure you are creating high-quality content. Grammarly comes as an extension for your favorite browser or a desktop app. Either way, be sure and take advantage of this powerful tool to create quality marketing copy. You can use this tool for free, or pay for the premium version at $30 a month.

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6. Editsaurus

Editsaurus is a powerful tool used to highlight potential pitfalls in your writing and encourage good habits. This tool is great for finding passive voice writing and other such marketing copy bad practices. While no software is going to perfectly correct human writing, this tool is perfect for finding ways to improve your writing.

Surprisingly, this powerful tool is completely free! Take advantage of it today to make your copy even better.

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7. Yoast SEO

If you are looking to improve the SEO and readability of your blog posts, consider Yoast SEO. Using this tool for your Content Marketing will help you see a noticeable improvement in search result rankings. Also, your content consumers will find more value from the content you create.

Yoast SEO is a free WordPress plugin. Get even more SEO improvement suggestions for $90 a year.

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8. Canva

Easily create designs, documents, logos, and more with this powerful tool. Utilize the built in images, shapes, and fonts to create content. Boasting a powerful, drag and drop interface, Canva is easy to use. Download your creations right away or save them in the cloud for later. Either way, this tool is great for any content marketing campaign.

Canva is another great resource you can use to create high-quality content. This powerful tool is completely free of charge!


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The content marketing tools you use will make or break your content. In other words, use these tools to make killer content and start driving traffic. Most of them are free or inexpensive and you will definitely see a return on any investment you make. Finally, let us know in the comments below of any tools you use in your content marketing efforts.

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