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What Is VendorFuel: E-commerce Toolkit & Services

By Ken Schnetz | October 10, 2017 | 0 Comments

What Is VendorFuel?

VendorFuel is a next-generation e-commerce API and plugin for WordPress. Also, the VendorFuel team provides digital marketing tools and website services.  Dedicated to delivering powerful e-commerce and digital marketing tools, VendorFuel provides a much-needed alternative to the WordPress community. Above all, a beautiful, well-made website and a targeted, well planned digital marketing campaign WILL grow your business regardless of its model. VendorFuel makes this process simple and ignites the customer experience. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the ways that VendorFuel can help you and your business grow.

VendorFuel Can Help You Grow Your Business Online

Digital Marketing And WordPress Development Resources

vendorfuel e-commerce web designThe VendorFuel mission is to help business owners take their business online, which includes web development and the execution of digital marketing campaigns. To execute this mission the VendorFuel team offers several resources in addition to the e-commerce plugin: this blog, several instructional video series in the making, and other resources to include the VendorFuel Digital Marketing Quick Start Guide. Alternatively, VendorFuel offers professional services to those who do not have the time or skills to create a website or conduct their own marketing efforts. If you need help in these areas, contact us today and we would be happy to get your business online! If you are comfortable doing these things on your own, subscribe to the VendorFuel blog for weekly development and marketing resources.


VendorFuel comes with a powerful editor called AngulEdit. The purpose of this editor is to allow developers to rapidly create, deploy, and maintain beautiful pages on WordPress sites. First, developers create templates in the editor. Next, the developer embeds the templates into WordPress pages via shortcodes.  AngulEdit consists of two tabs: Content and JavaScript. The Content tab contains the template’s HTML while the JavaScript tab contains the AngularJS controller. In addition to AngularJS, the JavaScript tab accepts other frameworks such as jQuery. 

anguledit e-commerce site builder

Currently, AngulEdit comes only as part of the VendorFuel plugin. However, the VendorFuel team is working to break this apart into a standalone plugin. In fact, this plugin will be available SOON. Additionally, the AngulEdit template repository will allow developers to create and use open source templates. To get news about the standalone AngulEdit, opt-in to the VendorFuel newsletter today!

Next Generation E-commerce Toolkit

The VendorFuel plugin for WordPress provides a complete e-commerce experience. For example, you can create an online store right out of the box, with no programming experience. To facilitate customization of your WordPress pages, each installation of the plugin comes with AngulEdit. 

Two major concerns when developing WordPress e-commerce sites are performance and security. Consequently, VendorFuel’s API is built on the Laravel framework while the front end is served using AngularJS and Bootstrap. This combination provides seamless scalability and extreme versatility. In fact, the plugin itself is nothing more than a lightweight connector to the API. Furthermore, VendorFuel is theme agnostic and works with just about any other plugin installed.

Resellers built VendorFuel. In fact, the creators use this plugin themselves as part of the Office Depot diversity program on a site called ItemGrabber. By using our own plugin, rest assured that VendorFuel is a total solution to modern e-commerce. See below for features included in the plugin:

  • Catalog Managementvendorfuel e-commerce toolkit

    Upload batches of products or create individual products. Either way, you can edit these products at any time.

  • Customer Management

    Complete customer login and account management system. Moreover, this includes providing the ability to log in as customers, change permissions, assign to groups, designate purchase approvers, and more.

  • Price Sheets

    Offer different pricing levels to different customers depending on what group they are assigned to.

  • Cart and Checkout System

    Start making sales right away through the e-cart and checkout system

  • Product Review and Favorite System

    Allow your customers to review and/or add products to a favorites list.

  • Reporting Engine

    Retrieve detailed reports from your site to fine tune how you sell online.

  • Tax and Shipping Automation

    VendorFuel is partnered with Avalara, a premiere tax calculation software that removes the hassle from taxation. Likewise, Shipping is handled with Shippo, a multi-carrier shipping platform.

  • Advanced, enterprise level e-commerce features

    VendorFuel ships with powerful, enterprise-level features. To learn more about the features, send us a quick message today!

  • And so much more….

VendorFuel is a complete enterprise-level solution to e-commerce. However, there are several pricing tiers to ensure there is an option fora business of any size. Check out just how competitive our pricing is by clicking HERE.


vendorfuel e-commerce toolkit resourcesVendorFuel is here to help you get your business online. Furthermore, the VendorFuel team can make sure that your site is seen by people that are interested in your products and services. In fact, no matter what kind of business you own, you will profit by getting a good website and running a strategic digital marketing campaign. The VendorFuel plugin is perfect for creating your site and getting the e-commerce part right. Next, the VendorFuel team can help you market your business in the right places. Also, AngulEdit is a great resource for developers creating non-commerce related websites. No matter what you are doing, VendorFuel has a solution that will help.

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Blogging about business, marketing, and WordPress development, Ken Schnetz is the digital marketing and front end development team leader at VendorFuel.

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